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......@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ DDA is currently focused on working with a DSpace 5+ installation. In particular
### Set properties for your local installation
Edit file `config.yml` and set property values according to your specific environment.
### Create a *Document Deposit Assistant* DSpace user
DDA will import documents to DSpace as a registered DSpace user. To create a new DDA user account within DSpace, first log in with administrator privileges. Then select *Access Control* -> *People*. Click *Click here to add a new E-Person*. Provide a valid and unique e-mail address, provide as first name "Document", as last name "Deposit Assistant", and have *Can Log In* selected. Click *Create E-Person*. Back in the *E-person management* interface, search for e-people with a string "Deposit Assistant", select the correct *Document Deposit Assistant* e-person from the results, and click *Login as E-Person* (in case it is available) or *Reset Password* in order to provide this user a password.
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