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# Technical overview
## Development environment setup
Install the following software development tools:
* Cygwin
* install the following Cygwin packages: `git`, `openssh`, `nano`, `pgrep`
* Java SE Development Kit 8 (JDK8)
* Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers
* Node.js
* install the following npm packages: `npm install -g yo generator-jhipster@2.27.1 grunt-cli bower`
* Maven
Set environment variables according to and put Maven's `bin` directory on your computer`s `${PATH}`.
Start Cygwin and git-clone the dda-wizard project:
cd ~/git/
git clone
Start Eclipse. Select *File* -> *Import...* -> *Maven* -> *Existing Maven Projects* -> *Browse* to `~/git/dda-wizard` -> Click *OK* -> Click *Finish*. Wait for Eclipse to finish importing the project - in case Eclipse asks for installing additional *Maven plugin connectors*, agree to it.
Install npm dependencies once
cd ~/git/dda-wizard/
npm install
To start up a DDA instance on your development machine, start Cygwin and run Maven in the dda source code directory:
cd ~/git/dda-wizard/
## Technical overview
This application was generated using [JHipster 2.27.1](
......@@ -161,7 +195,8 @@ After installing Node, run the following command to install front-end developmen
Run the following commands in two separate terminals to create a blissful development experience where your browser auto-refreshes whenever DDA project files change in your filesystem.
mvn && grunt
Bower is used to manage CSS and JavaScript dependencies. You can upgrade dependencies by specifying a newer version in file `bower.json`. You can also run `bower update` and `bower install` to manage dependencies.
Add the `-h` flag on any command to see how you can use it. For example, `bower update -h`.
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