Commit 445735c5 authored by Steinberg, Jan's avatar Steinberg, Jan
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optimize fqs xslt

parent 6324a215
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......@@ -2310,7 +2310,7 @@ public class XsltTransformerOaiPmhBundlesStreamSourceTest {
String oaiDcXsltString = IOUtils.toString(
getResourceAsStream("xslt/fqs-oai_dc-2-xmlbundle.xslt"), StandardCharsets.UTF_8);
getResourceAsStream("xslt/fqs-oai_dc-2-xmlbundle_test1.xslt"), StandardCharsets.UTF_8);
map.put("oai_dc", oaiDcXsltString);
XsltTransformerOaiPmhBundlesStreamSource bss = new XsltTransformerOaiPmhBundlesStreamSource("", map);
This diff is collapsed.
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