Commit 511ad3f2 authored by Gerrit Hübbers's avatar Gerrit Hübbers 🃏
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Add paragraph element.

parent 03cbd43a
......@@ -21,6 +21,14 @@ angular.module('ddaApp')
'fieldOptions': {
'displayName': 'Checkbox List'
}, {
'fieldName': 'paragraph',
'category': '⚠ Development',
'fieldOptions': {
'displayName': 'Paragraph',
'hidden': false,
'nolabel': true
}, {
'fieldName': 'templateImporter',
'category': '⚠ Development',
<div fg-tabs-pane="Properties">
<div fg-property-field-common="{ fieldname: true, displayname: true, placeholder: true, tooltip: false }"></div>
<div fg-property-field-value>
<textarea name="fieldValue"
\ No newline at end of file
<div class="checkbox">
<label title="{{ field.schema.tooltip }}">
<span ng-if="field.schema.nolabel">{{ field.schema.displayName }}</span>
<p>{{ field.schema.value }}</p>
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