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......@@ -413,4 +413,3 @@ Let's now assume we are logged in, we are currently on the root `home` state, th
`navbar.html` has for the *Bundles source* declared the attribute `ui-sref="bundlesSource"`. That means that as soon as we click on *Bundles source*, the AngularUI router will start moving the router to state `bundlesSource`.
State `bundlesSource` is defined in file `bundlesSource.js`, with a `url=/bundlesSources`. The state hierarchy is `bundlesSource -> entity -> site`. Also this state fills the `content@` view with its own template `bundlesSources.html` and controller `BundlesSourceController`. That controller interacts with the `BundlesSource` $resource REST service (`bundlesSource.service.js`) - e.g., everytime this controller is activated, it will call `$scope.loadAll()`, concurrently populating the `$scope.bundlesSources` array with data returned from the remote REST endpoint.
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