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......@@ -23,6 +23,12 @@ In your DSpace installation, we suggest to create a new DSpace collection exclus
While being logged in as a DSpace administrator, click on *Browse* -> *Communities & Collections* in order to get the *community list* overview. Either create a new community or select a community which you want the *Document Deposit Assistant* collection to be part of, and click *create Collection*. Provide a meaningful name such as *Document Deposit Assistant* and click *Create*.
You will get into the *Edit Collection* dialog. On the *Assign Roles* tab, within the *submitters* section, click *Create...*. This will create a new group which is granted submitter rights to this collection; and you will be brought to the membership dialog for this group. Within this dialog, have a look at the headline. It should be of the form: `Group Editor: COLLECTION_XXX_SUBMIT (id: YYY)`. Keep note of the `XXX` part, as this is the collection *ID* (not collection *handle*) that we will require later. On this submitter group membership dialog, search for e-people with a string "Deposit Assistant", identify the correct *Document Deposit Assistant* e-person from the results, click on its *Add* button, and click *Save* to finalize this step.
### Creating the *Document Deposit Assistant* reference metadatum field
In order for tracking and uniquely identifying some publication between DDA and the target repository, you have to set up a new kind of metadatum in your DSpace installation.
That metadatum has the key `internal.dda.reference`. While being logged in as a DSpace administrator, in the *Registries* menu section -> click *Metadata*. You will land in the *Metadata registry* overview. In case there is no namespace entry for *Internal* yet, add this new schema with dummy *namespace*=`internal`, and *name*=`internal`, then click *Add new schema*.
Once this entry exists, click on its name `internal`. On the *Metadata Schema: "internal"* page, provide in the first input field
`dda` and in the second input field `reference`, then click *Add new metadata field*.
### *Document Deposit Assistant* service daemon installation
DDA is a Java-based webservice. It also serves out a web browser user interface (using HTML and AngularJS).
Besides starting DDA directly from the command line (by running `mvn` from DDA's source code root directory), it is possible to setup DDA as a long running service daemon that persists transactional application data (user accounts, settings, in-transit publication metadata, etc.) to a database - in short, follow these steps to set up your own "production-ready" DDA instance.
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