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Detailed fix to one more error while trying to build DDA

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......@@ -198,11 +198,28 @@ cd ~/git/dda-wizard/
Trying to build DDA can produce some errors due to old dependencies.
Currently known are problems with customizr and phantomjs.
If the first command (npm install) does not work out because of a customizr tarball validity then try the following instead:
npm cache clear --force && npm install --no-shrinkwrap --update-binary
Another error you might get is "Failed at the phantomjs@1.9.18 install script."
The detailed error that caused this is:
Saving to <path>
[=============---------------------------] 32% 0.0s
Error requesting archive.
Status: 404
The download of phantomjs through cygwin failed multiple times. If you encounter this error, download the zip-file yourself (your url might vary, depending on your OS), and copy it to the path specified next to "Saving to".
Re-run the npm-command, and the zip-file should be used, and extracted to the correct folder.
Bower is used to manage CSS and JavaScript dependencies. You can upgrade dependencies by specifying a newer version in file `bower.json`. You can also run `bower update` and `bower install` to manage dependencies.
Add the `-h` flag on any command to see how you can use it. For example, `bower update -h`.
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